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We love talking about ourselves.  We’re always eager to be smiling in a picture with a politician we don’t know but gosh-darn we want people to think we do.  We put inspirational quotes over pictures of us from last weekend’s Tough Mudder competition. We’re an open book.


We’re actually none of those things.  Red Brick’s founder, Trent, is intensely private and avoids the spotlight whenever possible – eager to give credit for Red Brick’s work to the creatives that help bring the work to life.  The ones that take an idea and help make it a story.


Red Brick has a story, too.


For all of the industry-standard edge and hipness creative agencies (and the ones that like to pretend they are) show off on our websites, there is sometimes, maybe even rarely, some actual heart.


You’re typically asked a lot of questions when meeting or speaking with new audiences – potential employees, potential clients, professional organizations – about who you are or what it is your agency actually does.


Then sometimes you’ll receive a question that’s truly impossible to hide behind tattoos, egotistical artists and their TedX talks, “edge”, shiny awards and accolades, failures and challenges.  A question that, for us, can only be answered from the heart.


“Why Red Brick?  What does the name mean?”


It actually means a lot.  Think back to the time of childhood wonderment.  A world of possibilities and dreams.  A world of questions you thought were impossible for anyone to answer.


Like the picture above, even as Trent grew older, as a four-year-old he would find his way into his parents’ bedroom, lay beside his dad, and ask those impossible questions he was sure could only be answered with some type of magic.


One of those questions (and one of Trent’s first memories) came while laying next to his dad on an ordinary night and asking an ordinary question that would somehow resonate in Trent’s life forever.


“Papa*, how do you make red brick?”  (That is pronounced Paw-Paw for all of you non-southerners.)


Since his dad knew everything, including the answers to the impossible questions of a four-year-old child, the answer was simple and straight-forward.


“It’s tough to make red brick.  It starts as one thing and becomes another.  It’s soft clay that’s put through some of the hottest fires.  But instead of the fire destroying it, it makes the clay stronger.  Tougher.  Then it’s formed into a brick.  Each is a little different than the next.  Bricks can even be a lot of colors – but Red Brick – it’s timeless.  It always will be.


Most of us starting a new adventure are on a personal journey.  At Red Brick, our journey transformed us from a political consulting firm into our region’s premier creative agency.  We’ve been put through some of the hottest fires you can imagine.  We’ve been burned – but we’ve also gotten stronger.  Tougher.


It’s because of that our stories, your stories, are built with Red Brick.  They may each be a little different – but when they’re built with Red Brick they’ll be timeless.




That’s our goal with every project we build.  And that’s been Trent’s goal since an ordinary night when he was four years old.  Even if he didn’t know how impactful the answer, and the question, would be to the rest of his life.