THE UNREAL RIVALRY: Before the Trash Pandas, the Rocket City had one of baseball’s most heated, and pretend, rivalries

Before there were the Rocket City Trash Pandas, there were the Hawks and Helices.


Well, actually there weren’t, but we designed full identities for two pretend teams with longstanding histories in Huntsville.

One team, gritty and blue-collar.  The other, well-educated and slightly arrogant.  But both built with Huntsville’s spirit.


This was a fun project to work on way back around July 4, 2016.  Fireworks, hotdogs, and want for baseball to find its way back to the Rocket City.


Next April, it finally will when the Rocket City Trash Pandas take the field for the first time.


And while we didn’t name (that honor goes to Matthew Higley of Lacey’s Spring) or brand (that goes to Brandiose, the design agency responsible for roughly 75% of Minor League Baseball teams) the Trash Pandas, we’re thrilled that baseball is on its way back to the Rocket City.