The 2018 American Advertising Awards

Creativity is built with Red Brick. But what is creativity and how is it recognized?


Creativity is not just storytelling. It’s compelling storytelling that engages with its audience in unique ways. Whether it’s on your phone, a tv screen, your computer, or even a beer can – audiences typically recognize creativity when they see it.


And boy oh boy have audiences responded to our creativity.


It goes into each and every project we do for a pretty dang amazing bunch of clients that give us the chance to show it off and use it to help their story reach their audience.


Our clients let us build their stories. Brick by brick.


Every year we submit some of our favorite work to the American Advertising Federation North Alabama and the American Advertising Awards.


When your area has talent that reaches as high as the Saturn V rocket, having the work you do recognized as some of the best in advertising is a humbling honor.


We’ve been humbled 50 times in the short time we’ve been telling stories.


This year we’re making some more room on the shelves for Datatek USA, Salty Nut Brewery, RCP Companies, the Huntsville Madison County Chamber, KFS, and our very own Rocket City Brand.


None of that recognition would be possible without the clients that trust us, the people that help us, and the creative misfits, both past and present, that help bring it all together.