NEW CAR SMELL: Test drive the ultra-premium 2019 website

We’d been driving our old website for a long time. Probably approaching three years. It was the latest and greatest thing when we got it. We got a lot of miles from it. People always asked where we got it. It couldn’t speed because it would get too much attention. It was bright red, after all.


But as time went on the site started showing its age. It was clunky. WAY clunky. Built on an overly complicated frame. It was tough to update and the parts were expensive. It started going slower and slower. The kids had drawn ridiculous cartoons all over the back seats. Its best days were behind it.


That’s why we decided it was time to trade-in the lemon for a new site that goes fast, puts the focus on our clients and the work we’ve done for them, comes with an epic user manual that really talks about who we are, and has it’s stuff together under the hood. With this model, we traded most of the Red Brick red paint job for Red Brick black. Did we mention how fast it goes?


It’s even got that new site smell.


We’ve built dozens of websites for our clients over the years and in each one of those years we’ve said “We need to build a new website. Let’s make that a priority.”


Our priorities obviously always fall behind our clients’ priorities so we kept riding with what we had until the engine finally went out. Then it was time for an upgrade.


So hop on in and take it for a test drive. This one puts the work first.


We’re still adding some upgrades here and there (shiny new rims, sound system, fully built out case studies and portfolios. The usual.) so keep an eye out for those the next time we zoom by.


It internet superhighway may have speed limits but we’re going to ignore the rules of the road. Because roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.