INTRODUCING ‘WOULDA’: A monthly, quicklook at designs that almost made the cut.


This month, earn your badges, sell your Wilderness Girl Cookies, and check out what we woulda done with the branding for The Camp at MidCity.

When you build your brand with Red Brick, you’re given a lot of options.  Sometimes three, five, and even up to 20 in some cases (please don’t ever be that kind of case) but we do what it takes to deliver a design to our client that we feel is compelling, resonates with its audience, communicates the client’s voice, and just really looks sliiiiiick.


Woulda is our new Words series dedicated to designs that were considered but ultimately not chosen during the design process for a variety of reasons.  Those reasons can be as simple as the client already having a design they like just fine, they’ve already gone too far down the road to change up their design, or they maybe just didn’t like the one we did.


It’s our job to speak with client’s voice, not our own, and whichever design(s) are selected, we are proud of the work we presented and are thankful to our clients for giving us the chance to show them some variety during the design process.


We tell our clients that we love all of our designs equally.  That we do not have a favorite.  Please note, this is a lie.  We always have a favorite.  Sometimes everyone working on the project has a different favorite.  But yes, there’s always a favorite.


When we do the design presentation, we try to put on our poker face and not give any clue as to what design we like the best.  You’re the client, it’s your choice and it’s our job to take your choice and knock it out of the park for you.


This month, we wanted to highlight the design concepts that we had for The Camp at MidCity.


The Camp has come lightyears since it was just a pile of red clay surrounded by even MORE red clay.  It’s become one of Huntsville’s emerging hotspots for food, entertainment, and culture.


Our work with The Camp’s developer, RCP Companies, began with web design for The Camp, RCP Companies themselves, and later the Fireside Music Festival at the Camp.


RCP Companies was well-along in the design and development process when we started working with them on our various projects.  Urban Design Associates (UDA) had already delivered designs for both The Camp and MidCity that RCP was happy with going forward.


UDA is one of the premier urban design and architectural firms in the world.  Still, we couldn’t help ourselves.  We had a vision straight out of a Wes Anderson movie.  Some of the design elements would find their way creepin’ into the designs we did for the Fireside Music Festival.


The original presented concept for The Camp at MidCity based on the Scout badge system.


If you, your kids, your grandkids, neighborhood kids, or whoever has ever been a Cub Scout, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, or Eagle Scout, you’re no doubt familiar with the series of patches they earn as they accomplish their various lessons through their time with the scouts.


When we learned about The Camp, we immediately gravitated to them as not only a strong design and concept that would represent the development’s identity and purpose, but would also allow for almost endless expansion and incorporation across a huge variety of applications.  Everything from Membership Rewards Cards, to promotional items, and everything in between.


So that’s what we Woulda done.  Like we mentioned earlier, The Camp has come a looooong way in a short time and RCP and those businesses that have pitched their tents at The Camp are helping create a truly unique experience for Huntsville.



Want us to earn our badges for your design project?  Hit us up at or by using the form below and we’ll hold your brand’s hand while crossing the street.  Scout’s honor.